Free Pattern Tuesday – Helga the Hedgehog


I love hedgehogs. I may add feet to her later, but I think she is pretty cute the way she is.

If you need a tutorial on loop stitch, click here
Copyright 2012: Drunken Aunt Wendy Designs
Size E Crochet Hook
12 mm safety animal nose
12 mm black safety eyes
Vanna’s Choice – Beige
I Love This Yarn – Greybeard
Caron’s Simply Soft – Grape
SC – Single Crochet
CH – Chain
INC – 2 SC in same stitch
LC – Loop Stitch
DEC – SC 2 stitches together
TC – triple crochet
DC – double crochet

In beige, ch 2
1. In 2nd Ch from hook, SC 4
2. each stitch (8)
3. INC, SC 7 (9)
4. INC, SC 8 (10)
5. (INC, 4 SC) 2 times (12)
6. (INC, SC) 6 times (18)
7. SC row
8. (SC, INC, SC) 6 times (24)
9. (3 SC, INC) 6 times (30)
With Slip stitch, fasten off.
Place nose in center
Place eyes between rows 6 and 7, 5 to 6 stitches apart
With wrong side facing, find bottom center, count back five, join gray with a slip stitch. There will be 10 stitches at the bottom that are not done in loop stitch.
Note unless instructed otherwise, the following increases are loop stitches
10. (4 SC, INC) 2 times, (4 LS, INC) 4 times (36)
11. (5 SC, INC) 2 times, (5 LS, INC) 4 times (42)
12. 14 SC, 28 LS
13. Repeat row 12
14. DEC, 10 SC, DEC, 28 LS (40)
15. DEC, 8 SC, DEC, 28 LS (38)
16. 10 SC, 28 LS
17-20. Repeat row 16
21. DEC, 6 SC, DEC, 28 LS (36)
22. SC 8, LS 28
23-25. Repeat row 22
26. 4 SC, DEC, 2 SC do the remaining stitches in loop stitch 2 LS, DEC (4 LS, DEC) 4 times (30).
27. 3 SC, DEC, 2 SC do the remaining stitches in loop stitch LS, DEC (3 LS, DEC) 4 times (24).
28. 2 SC, DEC, 2 SC do the remaining stitches in loop stitch DEC (2 LS, DEC) 4 times (18).
29. (LS, DEC) 6 times (12)
30. DEC 6 times
Fasten off and sew up opening.
Bow (optional)
In Grape
Ch 12
TC in 4th chain from hook, TC, DC, DC, SC, DC, DC, TC, TC
fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing. Wrap tail around center to define the bow and sew to face.




    • Hilla:

      In Round 8, (SC, INC, SC) is 4 stitches done 6 times will equal 24 stitches. You can do (2SC, INC) if you want. I do it this way so there isn’t a spiral indicating the increase stitches on the finished product.

      As for 17-19 – the numbering program on my ipad decided to skip some lines and I didn’t notice it until now. Thank you for pointing it out.



  1. Hi Wendy, I am progressing well with my first hedgehog BUT I’m stuck at Row 23-25 where it says repeat Row 25?? A typo I think, so which row do I repeat? Please help, I’m so close to the end : ( , thanks


  2. This is my first attempt at Amigurumi and I’m confused. Is this worked in the round? And can you do it with the magic ring process instead if it is in the round? And do you chain any between the rows? Thanks!!


    • Sara Beth:

      This project is worked in the round. I personally do not like the magic ring, but it is perfectly fine if you want to start your project that way. Do not chain between rounds. You will work in a continuous spiral around the body. The loop stitch shows on the wrong side of the fabric so when you are doing Helga’s quills, you will need to turn the project around. It says so in the pattern. Good luck and let me know if you have more questions.



  3. I’m kind of confused on round 10… I’ve never made a loop stitch before.. I know it says that all Increases are loops unless otherwise specified, but if I do that on round 10, it kinda looks wierd. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?


    • Make sure that your have turned it so the wrong side is facing. The loop stitch goes out. And I think you may be talking about the (4sc, inc) section. Those are not loop stitches. Thank you for letting me know it was unclear. There will be a flat set of stitches on the bottom so it lays flat and the loop stitches are around the sides and top. I will make a note to edit this and make it clearer.


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